How To Remove A Swarm Of Bees? And How To Eliminate

During the spring the first bee plagues appear; The question arises about how to eliminate bees at home or in an establishment. However, it is strictly forbidden to kill them, as they are protected specimens. Unlike wasps, it is permissible to eliminate a nest with domestic products or with the application of treatments for pest control professionals.

Both insects, although at first sight, they may look similar, are very different in appearance physical, feeding, nest and even in the bite. Below we indicate the main differences between wasps and bees. It is necessary to identify the type of insect when we need to eliminate a nest of wasps or bees; since these second ones cannot be removed, while pest control professionals can remove the first things.

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How Are The Bees?

The bee has a hairy appearance of brown, more or less dark, and golden, not bright yellow. They present a slight narrowing of the abdomen and thorax, but it is practically imperceptible, unlike the wasps, which do show a clear separation. The bee dies when it bites because during the action the abdominal tissue is torn. Perhaps that is why they are not aggressive unless they see the need to defend themselves. They live in a community inbuilt swarms composed of wax.

They only eat nectar, except for the queen who consumes royal jelly. During the feeding process, they pollinate the flowers. Bees are the best pollinators and produce honey. Therefore, they are protected specimens.