How Are The Wasps?

The wasps have a black or dark brown and yellow stripes appearance, generally striking. A distinguishing feature is its “waist,” which separates the thorax and abdomen through a narrow area. They are also larger than bees.

Most are omnivorous, consume vegetable matter and carrion. For this, they have powerful jaws with which to devour their prey. Although some species only feed on nectar during their adult phase. Wasp stings are more frequent because they do not put their lives at risk. So unlike bees, wasps can sting as many times as they wish. These insects use the sting, part of their reproductive system. The combs are constructed of clay.

How To Remove A Swarm Of Bees?

The nest of bees is usually formed in early spring, when they are more active, after the great flowering. Here they breed, breed new queens to sustain the species.

In case you are questioning how to remove a swarm of bees, you should know that it is forbidden to kill them. The first measure is to avoid its manipulation; as well as to maintain a safe distance. Contact civil protection or firefighters to manage their withdrawal, who will send a beekeeper to remove the nest. It should be done by a professional because these insects are protected, and its extinction is prohibited. They extract the swarm with the bees and relocate them to another area that is comfortable for them and the individuals around them.

However, when the nest is a honeycomb, the specimens can be exterminated. Pest control professionals offer the service, such as the company ours. It is not recommended to remove the comb by amateurs, since the angry wasps will attack and the pecking can bring severe problems, especially of anaphylaxis.